Al Asmad Surma – Black


  • It kills germs, parasites.
  • It cleans the vision & protects the eyes.
  • Helps grow eye lashes.
  • Helps in ring worm, baldness etc.


  • Use it on eye area only.
  • Keep away from children, not to be eaten.
  • Store in a cool place, protect it from sunlight.


Surma (Antimony) (Asmad) (اثمد) Aswad – Black. Arabian Natural Surma Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Powder. All Natural Ingredients Black Kajal / Kohl / Surma Eyeliner in the form of soft powder. Comes with natural wood applicator. Made From natural and specific Herbal Extracts with a unique blend of many useful ingredients. Regular use helps prevent conjunctivitis and other viral eye infections. Surma generally uses for a cool, refreshing feeling in the eyes. They are ideal for young people. Our Surma is free of Lead oxide and provides protection, Strength and cools, soothes and protects eyes from dust and the harmful effects of bright lights. 


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