Mukhtasar Sahih Muslim (Large)




Shehra Afaq is a collection of hadiths compiled by Sahih Muslim Imam, which is one of the six famous books of Sahih Sittah. Imam Bukhari`s book is the second most authoritative book after Sahih Bukhari. He was born in the city of Neshapur in Iran in 202 AH and died in Neshapur in 261 AH. He collected authentic hadithsTraveled to Arab regions including Iraq, Syria and Egypt. He collected about 300,000 ahaadeeth, but added only 7,563 ahaadeeth to Sahih Muslim because he laid down strict conditions for the authenticity of the ahaadeeth so that only the most authentic ahaadeeth could be collected in the book. In view of the importance of Sahih Muslim, many commentaries were written like Sahih Bukhari. Imam Nawawi`s Sharh-e-Nawawi has a special place in the commentaries of Sahih Muslim written in Arabic language. The translation of Waheed-uz-Zaman is noteworthy and this translation has been in vogue for a long time but now its language has become quite old so for a long time this need was being felt. Go It is a privilege and privilege for the institution to realize the aforesaid needs and after a century has made a program to publish the translations and benefits of the seven books in a modern and standard style of Urdu language and publish them at a high standard of printing. In order to make it easier for the readers to read and use them and thus their circle of readers can be widened as much as possible because the aim of all these efforts is to convey the hadiths of the Prophet to as many people as possible


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